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  • Life New Zealand Personal

    Remembering 22/02/11

    5 years felt like it was only yesterday. Today I remember my beautiful hometown, Christchurch and everyone who was affected by the Magnitude 6.3 earthquake in February 22, 2011 at 12:51pm.…

  • Adventures New Zealand Personal

    Tekapo & Wanaka

    Lake Tekapo has always been my most favourite place on Middle Earth (haha). It’s just one of those places that is beautiful all year round. It was only fitting to take…

  • Adventures New Zealand Personal

    Visiting Home

    The best thing about visiting home is seeing your family. I don’t think people realise how much family means to them until they move away. I get homesick quite a bit…

  • Adventures New Zealand Personal

    Lake Tekapo December 2013

    Lake Tekapo has always been my favourite place on Earth. It’s located in South Island, New Zealand. Approximately 3 hours away from Christchurch. During my 2013-2014 Christmas holiday back home, we…