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Painting your Kikki.k Planner

If you’re a pink and planner addict like me then this post is for you! I’ve been waiting for Kikki.k to release a plain pink planner for a little while now so I decided to follow the trend of painting your Kikki.K planner.

This is what mine looks like. I painted it with Angelus Direct acrylic leather paint in Shell Pink and I absolutely love how it turned out. This is the process I went through for the painting.

Here’s what you need. A Kikki.k planner you want to paint (I chose yellow because it was on sale- and I like the yellow thread on the inside fabric), brushes (these ones are from IKEA) and leather paint of your choice (mine is from Angelus Direct).

I covered majority of my desk with plastic bag and taped it so it doesn’t move around.

Paint the front and back of the planner. Leave the tiny detail until a little bit later (with a smaller brush).

This is what it looks like with first coast of Angelus Direct – Shell Pink. I left the planner to dry overnight and put two more coats on it the next day.

Once the front and back are fully dry, I started on the inside leather. I’ve put a piece of paper to make sure the paint doesn’t go through to the fabric area.

I left the planner to dry for two days before I started using it.

And voila. This is the finished product. It’s a nice little DIY project to do, especially if you want your planner to be a specific colour that Kikki.k hasn’t already brought out yet.

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